Tenga Spinner 05 Special Soft Edition - Beads


Tenga Spinner 05 Special Soft Edition - Beads


TENGA Spinner Bead's original design now has a softened version for a more supple experience- all while maintaining the same stimulation and size of the original.

Spinner's inner coil makes it twist during insertion, sending unbelievable sensations with each stroke! Spinner's are easily cleaned and reused, and come with a convenient drying case that doubles as a hygienic storage device.

  • Transparent, for visual appeal
  • Integrated coil that causes the masturbator to twist during penetration (Internal Coil Mechanism)
  • Pleasure tunnel has a pronounced texture inside
  • Super stretchy to accommodate most penis sizes
  • Easy to clean
  • Waterproof for fun in the bath or shower
  • Gives you the ability to adjust your stroking pressure
  • Complete length: 5.8" long (not stretched out)
  • Length: 6.69" (stretched out)
  • Hole circumference: 1.77"

To Clean

After use, rinse or wipe with a mild soap and water, or try toy cleaner for an even quicker clean up. Let air dry and store in clean discreet place for next time. We recommend water-based lubricants due to the material of this toy. Water-based lube should be used as to not ruin the finish of the toy, and to help your product last longer.

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Product Details

  • Made By: Tenga
  • Box Dimensions: Product is not in any packaging or box.
  • Manufacturer Code: TG-SPN-005S

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Tenga Spinner 05 Special Soft Edition - Beads $29.95
Tenga Spinner 05 Special Soft Edition - Beads $29.95
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